Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hollywoodland Forever Awaits!

For those of you who enjoy this blog, I have a new blog I am starting out called HOLLYWOODLAND FOREVER, that will be dedicated to stories and information about old Hollywood. I hope you join me over there as well as continuing to read my posts here. I have always had a fascination for Hollywood stories, so I chose to take the older stories I have posted originally here, and moved them to the new blog. Any newer stories regarding movie stars that took place after Hollywood changed from it's classic grandeur will remain on this blog. (example Bill Holden's story, Natalie Wood's story, Bob Crane's story, etc).

Anything from the Vaudeville days up to the 1950's will be on the new blog HOLLYWOODLAND FOREVER. Again, I sure hope you choose to join me there as well. ---



HUGS!!~ J'aime Rubio

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