Friday, August 31, 2012

Preston Castle Movie- How Accurate Is It?

Photo: Copyright J'aime Rubio
I am a passionate writer about various stories and many important places or events in history. I have grown very attached to Preston Castle due to the vast array of history there is at that place, that many are unaware of. I am even writing a book about Preston’s history to make that information available to anyone out there that wants it on paper. 

When I heard about this film production company filming “Preston Castle” (aka "The Haunting of Preston Castle"), the first thought I had was,  “Why did they use the real name?”--- Especially since the synopsis is hardly a story they could use and claim as “inspired by true events.”  Well, this movie has yet to air at the film festivals this year so we will have to wait and see what history they have diluted or embellished, but so far the info I have read about it has already got me upset.

When I was a teenager everyone knew about kids going up there and wandering around the premises of Preston. It was creepy, people would hear noises and some were fascinated enough to dare each other to go inside. The Castle was “condemned” due to heavy disrepair over the years so it was very dangerous physically if someone were to get hurt there.  Since the Castle has been closed in  1960, no one has died there, nor was anyone ever there at night and had evil spirits chase them to the point people were getting killed or possessed. How far fetched can you get?

Do I believe that place is haunted? Definitely. Would I want to conjure anything up at Preston or make whatever is haunting there mad? No way….but with that being said, the main story of this movie is as far fetched as these movies you see on SYFY about giant octopuses fighting megalodon sharks!!! Come on!!!

It literally says the main character (a girl), her friend and an ex boyfriend go to the Castle at night (okay, many have done that), but then this is where it goes into the fantasy land when it says “Trapped inside, they're caught in a horrifying life and death struggle with unstoppable evil spirits.”---

Has there ever been anyone at Preston that was trapped inside and evil spirits were literally trying to kill them? I certainly have never heard of that. Yes, Preston is scary at night, and yes I am sure it wouldn’t be wise to stick around there when you are alone at night, but to date I have yet to hear of or see any record of this occurring. So please tell me how this company can loosely throw around the phrase, “Based on True Events?”

The main problems I have with this movie, is  (a) the fact they used Preston’s name and (b) tried to play it off like their screenplay is really inspired by true events. I am honestly concerned about what history they are going to claim happened there, and what they are going to say is haunting that place. All I know is, if I hear names mentioned that were real murder victims or people associated with Preston or if they paint someones “ghost” out to be evil and terrorizing people like many try to paint Anna Corbin as, I will be very upset because that would be slander and defamation. I just hope that whatever parts of history they plan to mix with their fictional storyline is accurately told, that is the biggest thing I am concerned about.

I have spent too many years researching and documenting the history of Preston just to have some film makers slaughter the accuracy of the Preston that myself and other writers have worked so hard to put out there for those earnestly seeking the truth.  The public deserves to know the REAL HISTORY of Preston Castle, not made up fictionalized stories that are fabricated and presented as being “real" or "based on true events,” because that taints the real history and smears the line between fact and fiction.  Yes, terrible things happened there, but I just hope that if they plan to use "real events" and mix it with their own story that they do it in a respectful and accurate manner. Most people today believe whatever they hear or read, fact or fiction. Why make it even harder for them to differentiate between the two when it comes to Preston?

Just my two cents on the matter- Thank you!

Copyright-  2012, J'aime Rubio

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