Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let Anna Corbin Rest In Peace!

Copyright: J'aime Rubio
I am infuriated about how Hollywood continues to use Anna Corbin's murder as a way to make a buck these days. First it was Ghost Adventures and their pathetic attempt to make allegations that Zak Bagans was "possessed" by the spirit of Anna Corbin. Not only that, but the historical information they put out there was incorrect. Doesn't anyone do their homework these days?

Then a film company that makes B-movies, like the kind you see on the Sci-Fi channel or Chiller,  made the movie, "Preston Castle" to which they changed the title of the movie twice, once to "At Preston Castle" and then finally to "Haunting at Preston Castle." Either way, the movie was horribly done and the fact they stamped "Based on True Events" below the title, makes me even more livid. Please tell me how on God's green earth could they say they based any of the movie on "True Events" besides stating the Housekeeper was murdered? The character Bobby Wells was never a ward there, he is fictional. And being a "fictional character" he most definitely did not kill Anna Corbin, a real person. This is all a lie.

If that wasn't bad enough, now another television show, "The Unexplained Files" aired an episode about Preston Castle last night and they did the unthinkable. They reenacted the murder of Anna Corbin. First off, not only is that completely wrong on so many levels, but the fact they didn't even contact Anna's family for permission to have an actor portray her or her murder is ILLEGAL. How could they reenact a crime that they have no idea really what exactly happened or where?

You see, no one knows exactly what happened except for Anna and her killer. A lot has changed over the years after the castle had been vacated and left abandoned in 1960, up until it was taken over and restoration on the building began later on in the 1990s. Also, during the writing of my book, I interviewed two gentlemen, one who worked at the Castle the day Anna was murdered and another who was a close family friend at the time of her murder. Both said the details of how she died and where she was found, in the basement, just as I state in my book and on my blog. I think I am going to go with documented evidence and accounts by people who were alive at the time this event took place.

I had been approached by the television show earlier this year before they filmed there, and after a phone interview I declined their offer to go on camera for a paid interview for that episode. I am glad that I refused the offer, as I had a feeling their true intentions were not honorable, and my gut was correct.

According to the ward and fellow housekeeper that found Anna's body the day that she died, Anna was found in the basement store room which adjoined to the supply room and was close to Anna's office, where she was initially attacked.  Information obtained and transcribed by historian, John Lafferty shows that a witness oral interview stated that Anna's body was found in the larger room that once held the pool. The pool had been boarded up at the time of Anna's murder and was being used as a store room.

The person who killed her was never convicted, so technically her murder remains unsolved. However, based on evidence and similarities in 2 other murders, I believe that the main suspect, Eugene Monroe, who was tried and acquitted for Anna's murder, actually did kill her after all.  If you look into the deaths of Vesta Sapenter and Dorothy Waldrop you will see the ties to Eugene Monroe and Anna's murder.

Honestly, I am so sick of television shows and movies portraying Anna's story at all, especially when they do it wrong. Why can no one respect the dead?  Why do people have to continue to disrespect her memory over and over again? I have a very strong tie to this woman's story and I have profound respect for her life and her death. I would never want to see it disrespected in any way, shape or form. Not only for Anna, but for her family as well.

As far as the history is concerned, these shows continue to regurgitate the same erroneous information over and over.  "The Unexplained Files" claimed there had been 17 murders. Really? I wrote a book on Preston's history and I couldn't count that many from the research I did. So I would love to hear where they came up with that number.

I researched this school for over 5 years and my book only mentions a few "murders" -- several of which didn't actually take place at the school at all. Here is the list of murders or questionable deaths I have documented in my book "Behind The Walls", or added onto this blog or my Behind The Walls Facebook  page after my book was published:

1) Nicholas Hamilton -- His death is questionable; but not definitively murder.

2) Joseph Morgan-- Murder; he was shot after an escape attempt and died in Sheldon, near Elk Grove.

3) Herman Huber--Murder; he was shot on the grounds of Preston after attempting to escape.

4) Sam Goins-- Questionable death; he was shot at Thornton Ranch, near Lodi, allegedly holding a hammer running near a guard; died shortly after they got back to Preston.

5) Grant Walker-- Questionable death; the reports conflict in cause of death from typhoid fever but another record states
“accidental burn, resulting in intestinal ulceration.”

6) Leland Price-- Murder; fell into a coma and died as a result of fracturing his skull in a fight in the basement.

7) Ray Baker-- Justifiable Homicide; shot to death after attempting to kill a guard.

8) Anna Corbin-- Murder; killed in the basement.

9) James Wieden--Murder; attacked on the grounds of the property, died several days later in Hospital out of town.

The rest of the deaths that I have uncovered, which there are many, are mainly accidents or illness. Not to say there aren’t more murders or deaths that I haven’t found yet. But, if I haven’t found them, and they aren’t out there in any book or online anywhere, chances are they haven’t been discovered yet. So bottom line is (A) do your homework before you believe ANY shows or movies about Preston and (B) respect the people who lived and died there and anyone else who may have family who worked or lived there, staff or wards. These were people with feelings, family, and most of them are dead now. Let us respect them and their memories.

Let Anna and everyone else Rest In Peace!!---

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