Monday, April 3, 2017

Corinne Elliott Lawton's Real Love Story Revealed!

Back in 2013, I researched and wrote about the true story of Corinne Elliot Lawton. You see, for over a hundred years there had been a lot of gossip and misinformation surrounding the circumstances of her death, that her story became somewhat of an urban legend or tragic love story.

After thorough investigating I had proven that Corinne did not commit suicide as many have claimed, nor was she heartbroken because of a forced marriage. In fact, Corinne died from illness in her home, surrounded by family at her side. Her mother notes all of this in her diary, even documenting Corinne's last breath.

One part of the story though had eluded even the best researcher, including myself, at least until recently. After speaking to Joanna Catron at the Gari Melchers Home and Studio in Fredericksburg, more of Corinne's story has come to light. Corinne was engaged to be married, but not to a man she didn't love. In fact, she was looking forward to her upcoming nuptials with none other than her sweetheart, Ulysses Wade from Screven County. Corinne's sister, Louisa "Lulu" Lawton Mackall wrote this in a notation found with the locket which was found in their mother's jewelry box. 

In my latest book, "Stories of the Forgotten: Infamous, Famous & Unremembered," I cover Corinne's story with a fine tooth comb, retelling it in detail, including the new evidence provided to me by Joanna Catron. Below shows the two photographs that were found inside of a locket that had belonged to Corinne. Ms. Catron at the Gari Melcher's Home and Studio gave me permission to use the photos in my book.

  Gari  Melcher's Studio holds the copyright to the photo below.

Photos discovered inside of locket belonging to Corinne Lawton.
Photo courtesy of Gari Melchers Home and Studio, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ulysses Wade was "born on March 9, 1845, to parents Payton and Elizabeth Wade. Historical books of the time show that he became a very prominent lawyer in Screven County, Georgia, and also a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1877. The 1880 Census showed that he remained single, but by 1894, he finally married at the age of 49. His bride, English born Kathleen Marion, was only 25 years old. The wedding took place in Louisiana. Only three years later, on November 15, 1897, he passed away. He is buried at Bethel Brick United Methodist Church Cemetery in Sylvania, Georgia."--- from pages 176-177, "Stories of the Forgotten: Infamous, Famous & Unremembered," by J'aime Rubio, Copyright 2017. 

Peek at page 179 of my book "Stories of the Forgotten" (COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, DO NOT COPY) 

So now that part of Corinne's story has finally been revealed to the world. Yes, she was going to get married. No, she wasn't unhappy. The saddest part of the whole thing is that she died before she had the chance to share her life with him. Something tells me though that Ulysses must have taken her death very hard, since he waited so many years to marry.

May they both rest in  peace together.

To read more about Corinne Elliott Lawton's life and the true details surrounding her death please pick up a copy of "Stories of the Forgotten: Infamous, Famous & Unremembered" on Amazon today! 

(Copyright 2017- J'aime Rubio)

Photo courtesy of Gari Melchers Home and Studio, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia 
Photo of page 179 inside book, Stories of the Forgotten, is copyrighted protected. 

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